What is E.Educators

A digital platform that enables individuals to identify their talents and creating entrepreneurs by providing them trainings on various digital platforms

Ammar Jaffri

“I am very pleased and honoured to express that E.Educators initiative is aiming to fill the required gaps which are fast increasing due to existing digital transformation. Moreover achievement of required targets is sustainable development and goals is also one of the objectives of the initiatives"

Craig Lynch

"E.Educators is a great new way to learn, no matter where you are on the planet! I have been impressed by the wide range of topics that they have available to learn online. Whether it's software like Python, or creation of an effective business plan, or blogging, or How to use block chain and so much more. The learning possibilities are endless. I wholeheartedly recommend taking online classes with E.Educators and change your opportunities today"

Muhammed Javed

"I would like to congratulate E.Educator for launching an amazing platform using the best available technologies for educating the people from underprivileged areas of Pakistan"

How we connect

We connect our students with trainers through 'Zoom Cloud Meeting'

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Rabia Armghan

CEO & Founder


Marium Khan



Michelle Caine



Saad Tanveer


Our Courses


It is important for all individuals to groom themselves in order to be a sucessful entreprenuer. We help in Character & Confidence building and motivating our students by counselling sessions in this program.



This program is for those individuals who want to excell in learning English as their second language. We work on student’s oral communication, Listening, Reading & Writing in a fun learning way.

English Language Learning


E.Educators provides trainings on various digital platforms like Article Writing, Blogging, Youtube, Fiverr etc. We also help students enhance their skills in social media marketing.

IT Workshop

Career Development

In this program we train students on how to give interviews and make CVs.


Entrepreneurship Session

Mentoring sessions for startups.


Course Duration

Each Course lasts for 2 months

1st month is basic course, 2nd month is advanced course

Fee Structure

Each Course costs 5,000 Rs. for 1 month


1. No money back guarantee
2. No Discounts
3. No fee delay otherwise registration will be cancelled


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Phone: +331-5662215

Email: eeducators60@gmail.com