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About Us

E.Educators was created to answer one simple question:

"What would education be like in the future?"

E.Educators is a platform dedicated towards providing training in fields such as Freelancing, Career Development, Communication, Self Development, Entrepreneurship & Web Development

Our Aim is to provide quality education to students of any age through our online courses. We connect our students with trainers from different industries that teach and guide them through all the techniques required to excel in their respective fields. Our platform helps students to learn more in less time

We believe that providing a fast way of education is a need for today's generation

Meet Our Members

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Muhammad Harris

Consultant and Trainer

Muhammad Harris

Subject: Career Counselling

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Piotr Wesolowski

English Trainer

Piotr Wesolowski

Subject: Communication

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Zubair Khan

Freelance Trainer

Zubair Khan

Subject: Freelancing


Web Development

If you are interested in learning web development with no prior coding skills, then this is the perfect course for you. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of web development and how to create a website by using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.


It is important for all individuals to groom themselves in order to be a sucessful entreprenuer. We help in Character & Confidence building and motivating our students by counselling sessions in this program


This course is for those individuals who want to excel in learning English as their second language. We provide training on their oral communication, Listening, Reading & Writing so that they can communicate easily


This course provides training regarding various freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and how they can earn money as a freelancer. We also help students enhance their social media marketing skills on Facebook and Instagram

Career Counselling

In this cousre we train students on giving interviews and make CVs for finding the right job for them. We help develop your portfolio according to the needs of your job requirment and get jobs easily


If your goal is to become a successful entreprenuer, then this is the right course for you. In this course, we will train you on becoming an entreprenuer and walk you through all the steps you need to grow your idea

The aim of our courses is to train individuals to excel in their required fields

Learn how to present their ideas and themselves


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